The focus would be on London culture and football, combining the two and creating a number of original designs for the panels of the ball. Pickles Art Director, Ned Read led the project and assembled the team of talented designers, artists and illustrators.

Project by LWZ & Zwupp


Exhibited at the Nike phenomenal house in London/UK

Published at the Pickels Football Magazin


We chose the word „childhood“ as inspiration of our work and tought about how football affected us as children, the graphics on the panel do not touch each other, which is a reference to the football game we played as children called „kopfball volley“ it illustrates the feeling we had when we used to talk about famous football players and dream of achieving the same goals.


We obsesses over football as we believe it creates special emotions that a single person cannot generate alone. The panel embodies the spirit of football, the flow of game and the untouchable sphere that connects so many different cultures.

Nike Inc.
Ned Reed, Pickles Magazine